Haunting Environment and Feng Shui

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Article by Ms Ching

A haunted house is believed to be dark, old and dilapidated with unnatural forces or ‘Ghost’. In Feng Shui point of view, a haunted house is cause by accumulating of negative forces that developed through time with the absence of ‘yang’ energy. Most of time, the negatives forces developed are cause by the negligence of human.

I am sharing my personal ghostly encounter several years ago when spending a weekend in a friend’s apartment. My friend with his wife was married for a year before they acquired an apartment in Tanglin Halt. During that time, they were planning for kids and they bought a four-room apartment. They planned to rent a room to foreign students, save a room later for their kids and occupied the master bedroom themselves. Soon, the empty rooms were made into storerooms, as they could not find the appropriate tenant. They dump whatever that is unsightly into these rooms and left these rooms unattended beside area cleaning. They will leave the windows, doors and the curtains of the unoccupied rooms shut when they leave house for work. These rooms were void for a year after they moved it to the apartment.

I was the first guest to spend a weekend in these rooms. There was only one room with a bed and my friend offered me to that room. I decided not to bother about the opening the windows as I simply prefer the comfort of an air conditioner. I spend the first night without much annoyance accepts that I could hear a very mild voice coming from the other empty room that resembles a human tone. The next morning, I took a little time to speak about the anonymous voice with my friend. He was surprised, as they did not encounter anything of this sort for the past one year. I drop the subject as his wife is getting very skeptical and I excused myself that I am just hearing things due to tiredness.

The second night spends in the guestroom cause a traumatic experience for me. The same anonymous voice that I heard during the previous night became louder and as if it was just whispering beside my ears. I felt a sudden force that wanted to cover and rolled me over with the mattress. I exerted all my strength to press down the mattress with my left hand while trying very hard to sit up. The force acting against me was getting stronger and I was curled up by the mattress like a victim trapped by a python’s coil. This time I wanted to scream for my friend’s attention but was totally immobilized and I could still hear the voice beside my ear, though I could not make up the words. I was traumatized and have forgotten the sutra, which I used to recite when I was meditating. I was picturing the image of Bodhisattva Guan Yin and Guan Yu in my mind, chanting in mind the only sentence that I could remember. I feel the pressure acting upon me loosen but still the mattress trapped me. This time, I gain more concentrations and chant a complete Buddhist sutra before I was release and thrown to the floor from the bed. After I catch my equilibrium, I had decided not to alarm my friend during the night. I went into the hall, picture the image of Bodhisattva Guan Yin and Guan Yu in fiery fire aura, and quietly chant a Buddhist sutra for forty nine times before I felt asleep on the sofa. If I have not been wrong, I was trapped for about 45 minutes.

I spoke about this incident to my friend and his wife in the next morning. This time, they were convinced by my story as they have heard some sound produced when I was struggling to break free from the entrapment. My friend knew that I was a Feng Shui enthusiastic asked me if this was due to bad Feng Shui. My responds was; ‘yes’. According to my understanding in terms of Feng Shui, they have created a friendly environment that attracts ‘unwanted guest’ over the year. He further prom me if I knew how to perform an exorcism. I told him that I do not know exorcism and advise them to hire a Taoist exorcist.

Zhang Dao Ling, A Taoist Exorcism Master

However, during the day, I did visit the room again together with them and adjusted the furniture and settings. We did a lot of trashing; we threw away all the old clothing, mirrors, bags, etc. My friend even had a Japanese cutlery knife box set in the room and we threw them away as well. These triangular resembling sharp edge items were extremely negative to keep inside a room. There were many dead insects hidden in behind the cupboards, we did a lot of pest busting also. We tear down the curtains and open the windows wide allowing sunlight to entry. I had told them to leave it open for 24 hours a day allowing ‘Qi’ to circulate, the wife became skeptical as she said it would attract more dust. My friend responded to her that unless she would like to attract something else. After we tidy up the rooms, I believe that the unwanted guest will leave the place eventually. However, I suspected that what we have done to destroy a friendly environment will agitated the spirit and I gave my friend two little post card which have being empowered as a gift. The first post card has Zhong Kui’s picture with trigrams and the second post card has the Ksitigabha Bodhisattva sutra written on it in Chinese. I asked them to display them beside the bed when sleeping. Two months later, I received a call from my friend. He told me that during the night, they heard noises created from banging on the furniture from the other rooms but they did not experience anything physically. They were scared and literally read out the Ksitigabha Bodhisattva sutra from the postcard in mandarin. The ordeal lasted for two month and had ended.

Zhong Kui, Chinese Ghost Buster


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